Thursday, May 3, 2012

I love the feeling when a new author works out. It is like being introduced to a new friend. I have a good feeling that Garth Nix is going to be a lifelong friend and he has already earned a place on my bookshelf. Unfortunately since this was a loaner from a friend I will have to buy it... and the other two books in the trilogy.

The book is set in two countries Ancelstierre which has technology and no magic and the Old Kingdom, where magic works and technology beyond the middle ages doesn't. Near the border technology and magic both work erratically and it is in this gray area that Sabriel grows up, placed in an Ancelstierre boarding school by her father.

Part of the magic of the old kingdom is necromancy and it is this type of magic that weaves an engrossing and rich tapestry throughout the story. As she is called away from school to rescue her father and both kingdoms from the looming dangers of a rogue necromancer.

I heartily recommend this author and have already begun (and almost finished the second) book in the trilogy. I promise I will review that one soon but I will try and throw a different author in between.

My Rating 4/5

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