Sunday, June 17, 2012

Holly Lisle - Sympathy for the Devil

I first read this trilogy around 15 years ago. It took me nearly that long to collect the books since they have been out of print since before that. The fact that I looked for so long is a recommendation in and of itself but this is a fast fun read that also makes you think a bit.

In this book Dayne Kunter is a nurse who has absolute faith in god. She is sick and tired of doctors ordering her to save patients who were already dead, saving people who don't want the help and most of all angry that God doesn't seem to give those that end up in hell like her recently deceased husband a second chance. So she sends up a defiant prayer asking god to give the denizens of Hell the chance at redemption.  God grants all prayers made in absolute faith and sincerity and decides to grant her prayer... in his own way.

If you can find a copy I definitely recommend this book as a great summer afternoon read. 4/5